100 Wonderful Days


A few minutes ago, I decided to challenge myself to have 100 Wonderful Days. I was feeling good about myself, my life. The day wasn’t half done and I’ve crossed off two major tasks from my to-do list.

Just as I made that decision, then came text messages bringing me back to reality. As if some negative energy out there was taunting me: “Kiddo, life’s not rosy. Not at all. Here’s Problem #1. Deal with it NOW. Here’s Problem # 2. Should have been dealt with yesterday. Oh, by the way, you should have been finished with this and this and this as well. See? You won’t even make it to wonderful day number 10.”

 Wonderful World

(Image from http://www.oopsiedaisy.com)

But you know what, I’ll deal with whatever comes my way and still forage through the noise. I’ll always find the gems, you’ll see. I’ll re-focus myself to connect with the happy, the good, the awe-inspiring, the beautiful, the hope-filled, the exciting, the calming, the life. Even in the midst darkness, there’s always light.


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