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Waking Up to a Wonderful Week (Day 4)





We set the alarm a little earlier. After a healthy breakfast, we hit the floor. The husband and I are trying to develop the practice of exercising. As we clock in the years, we realize we need to take better care of ourselves to take better care of each other. We try to eat healthier. We try to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise everyday (or at least as often as we can). We have to keep strong. We want to share a long, full life together. We see a life together that will always have fun and adventure. We have to start preparing for our retirement years now. We won’t just sit together on the porch, though we’ll do that to. We have mountains to climb and waves to ride. 

Focus T25(Here’s Shaun T helping us do it with Focus T25.)

What better way to start a fresh week?